Warmblood Breed Inspections

Pollyrich Farms will be host the annual breed inspections for several registries for 2019.  For the past several years, we have been an approval site for American Hanoverian Society, US Rheinland Studbook, American Holsteiner Horse Association, and North American Oldenburg GOV.  This year we will also be adding the North American Selle Français Inspection.  Please go to the Inspections tab for more details.


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2019 North American
Sport Stallion Testing

Pollyrich Farms is proud to host the third annual Stallion Testing for several registries including, Oldenburg GOV, American Hanoverian Society, U.S. Rheinland Studbook, American Holsteiner Horse Association and Westfalen NA. 

For more details go to www.stallionsporttest.comClick on the News section under Events for addtional information regarding daily schedule and other planned events.

Nov 2nd - 4th, 2019 

Oldenburg GOV Inspections
Mare & Foal - Mare Performance Test
July 18, 2019
followed by:
3rd Annual Young Horse Show
July 19, 2019

Contact:  Buffy Oas
(805) 688-0220